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Muhammad Ali trained at the 5th St. Gym under the tutelage of his trainer, our mentor, the greatest Boxing trainer of all time and the man who’s name is synonymous with this gym, the one of a kind, Angelo Dundee. 65 Years later we continue to abide by the same motto of training here. Angelo guided him as Ali became the most… Read more »

Donato now at 5th St. Gym

Posted on February 11, 2015 In: Featured, General, News & Updates

The local Miami icon and former Professional Boxer and  Donato De Martiis is now a permanent fixture at The World Famous 5th St. Gym. Check out his bio below. Contact Donato directly at 305-713-3616 Even at a very young age combat sports were always Donato’s passion. He began training as a teenager in martial arts and became an Aikido black… Read more »

Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins is the oldest fighter to win a championship and just recently stopped by to begin or continue training at the 5th St. Gym. He gave some pointers to Adriana “The Angel” Lima who is no stranger to a pair of boxing gloves or hard training.   Since it’s inception, the 5th St. Gym has always attracted… Read more »

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